Gopnikcoin – The New Hot Crypto Currency, Forget Bitcoin Comrades

Bitcoin killer approaching the world stage in big style, sells like hotcakes

Photo: Blyatiful Gopnikcoin emerges

Hey there comrade, aren’t you feeling sick in your stomach because you were late to the Bitcoin party? We bet you do and you probably think “oh god if i only bought few hundred Bitcoins when they were dirt cheap” but lucky for you comrade, the show is not over. There is something bigger, better, fresh and truly Estrn Evropian coming. The one and only Slavic digital coin, Gopnikcoin.

It is rumored it was developed by Slavatoshi Slavamoto as a mean to fight the western spy Bitcoin money (ok we just made this up), but it was presented on the Bitcointalk forums few months ago. Gopnikcoin is already public and legitimate coin on several exchanges such as tradesatoshibitafexcoinsmarkets and many others marketplaces are joining the train (you can trade them over these exchanges as we speak).

Considering the popular crypto niche of this coin thanks to Slav niche brands: Squatting Slavs in Tracksuits, Life of Boris, Slavorum, Dj Blyatman, XS Project, Gopnik Mcblyat and many others that emerge daily. This means this coin could enjoy the weave of support thanks to popular internet culture and the power it has developed because of popular Slav media brands. Possible people interested in this coin thus counts in millions of fans and dozen million views on a monthly basis.

How to get into Gopnikcoin?

  1. Direct buy
  •  Register account at one of exchanges: tradesatoshi, bitafex, coinsmarkets
  •  You can send funds to the exchange.
  •  Find GPK/BTC market
  •  Optional: Withdraw your GopnikCoins to the desktop wallet
  •  Download the wallet over these links: Windows, Mac, Linux – [or Github version]
  1. Mining
  •  First download the wallet over these links: Windows, Mac, Linux – [or Github version]
  •  Send GPK from exchange to your desktop wallet
  •  Keep wallet online whenever possible
  •  Watch your GopnikCoin balance grows
  1. Airdrop
  •  Download wallet or register account at one of GPK/BTC exchanges
  •  Leave your GPK wallet address in comments to get free coin airdrops from Devs. (they will check the comments)

Other info about Gopnikcoin you’d like to know:

  • Algorithm POS Scrypt.
  • Proven high reliability.
  • POS mining.
  • Over 3,000,000 squatting community.
  • Mobile wallet (soon to be released)
  • Mac/Linux/Windows wallet
  • Due to GPK own blockchain and unique network speed, the transactions take only a couple of seconds.
  • Proven stability maintained by network of nodes around the world.

Updates on Gopnikcoin:

  • Android wallet for smartphones is under development ~ as they announced on the bitcoin talk forum.

Note: Slavorum or any of the named brands are not owners neither developers of the named gopnikcoin. it was started by a member of bitcointalk forum community. Do research about gopnikcoin on your own risk and invest in it accordingly.

Financial disclaimer: our page does not make any guarantee or other promise as to any results that may be obtained from this article. No one should make any investment decision without consulting their financial advisers.

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