Gorgeous National Library Of Prague

Back in 1781 The National Library Of Prague has been founded, when it became a legal requirement for all  groups to submit their published works to the library’s depository. The library’s main building is located in the historical Clementinum building in Prague, where about half of its books are kept. This amazing library was built on the abandoned ruins of the 11th century St. Clements chapel, the Jesuits re-constructed the site into the Klementinum college in 1556.

The most valuable medieval manuscripts saved in the National Library are the Codex Vyssegradensis and the Passional of Abbes Kunigunde. It contains over 6.5 million volumes and it acquires about 80 thousand new titles year.

The library won international recognition in 2005 as it received the inaugural Jikji Prize from UNESCO via the Memory of the World Programme for its efforts in digitising old texts.

The library is available to everyone over the age of 15. The library has around 60 000 registered readers that enjoy this heavenly place.

Artist Matej Kren’s “Idiom” sculpture welcomes visitors at the Prague Municipal Library’s entrance. It was created using stacked books and mirrors to give the illusion of being a bottomless wormhole.

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