Great Moravian castle has been unearthed

Ducovéc is a municipality (village) situated in western Slovakia, near the spa town of Piešťany. Kostolec is a projecting promontory of the Považský Inovec Mountains, 240 meters above the sea level. It dominates adjacent parts of Považie and provides a broad view of its surroundings. Ducové is famous for an archaeological site on the Kostolec hill, where an important Great Moravian castle has been unearthed. The castle had been built in the second half of the 9th century during the rule of King Svätopluk I and it demonstrates the rudiments of the Slovak national history. The castle, including a small palace, a Christian rotunda church, and a graveyard of local nobles, protected by a huge palisade fortification, served as the administrative center of the Váh river valley (the Trenčín county) during the 9th century and the first half of the 10th century. It was founded after the nearby Nitrian castle in Pobedim was destroyed during unification of Great Moravia by Mojmír I. Ducové castle was destroyed itself by proto-Magyar invaders around 955, but the life of local inhabitants continued in usual way though (the church was not destroyed), that means although the court perished between the 11th and 12th century, burials continued around the rotunda until the 14th century. Some parts of the castle (such as its palisades) have been reconstructed by archaeologists. Excavations of older settlements from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and the Roman era indicate that Ducové benefited from its location on the Amber Road well before the Great Moravian era.Graphic reconstrution

Findings – jewellery

There was found a ring with Perun’s thunder-mark (Gromoviti znači) and a lunula (11th century, Nitrian principality in a new state of Hungarian kingdom)

House interior

The present time


Festival held in Ducové to show the life of Ducové’s nobility


Coat-of-arms of Ducové is very similar to one of Nitra, which was one of the most important centres of Great Moravia, and the centre of Nitrian principality before.

Coat-of-arms of Nitra

Location of Ducové :

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