Green Tsunami from Czech Moravia will leave you breathless

Moravia, where even nature is not wild, but calm, gentle and relaxing

Czech Moravia – Stunning photos from the photographer Marcin Sobas keep amazing anyone that lays an eye on them. The magnificent green hills of Moravia form these amazing natural waves, which from some angles look like a great green tsunami! Ladies and gentleman, this is what natural beauty really is… Moravia! This historical region of the Czech Republic located on the east of the Republic is also the area with meadow forests, long green vineyards and fertile fields.

If this alone isn’t the reason why you would want to visit Moravia, we have no idea what to say! If you love the work of Marcin Sobas you can check his other photos here: | Facebook | (h/t: boredpanda)

Now enjoy the mesmerizing green fields of Moravia

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