Gudym the abandoned Russian Secret Missile Base

Among many abandoned locations across ex Soviet Union and Russia in general Gudym stands as one of the most interesting. This is a town that is located close to the Soviet arch-enemy, the United States of America and it used to store nuclear warheads that could have reached Washington, California, South Dakota and Alaska in short notice. By today it’s guessed that there are still around 15 secret cities in Russia which are unknown to the world with hidden locations, no maps or road signs to them. See how this closed citiy looks today post-Soviet Union. Photographs via

Godym1 Godym2 Godym3 Godym4 Godym5 Godym7 Godym8 Godym10 Godym12 Godym13 Godym16 Godym19 Godym20 Godym22 Godym23 godym25 godym30 godym35 Godym91

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