Haunted houses and places across Slavic lands

Haunted houses and places across Slavic lands Every one heards stories about ghost and haunted places. In this topic we will make list of haunted places across Slavic lands. There are many places you should not go there.


Houska Castle in Czech Republic

We will start with two of the most haunted castles in Slavic lands. Houska castle is located in the forests north of Prague, Houska castle was never a strategic battle location. It also appears to have no function of outside fortification. It was not built to repel attacks or to keep things out. It was built to hold something in. It was built to close the gateway to hell.


The castle is built upon a fabled bottomless pit from which winged creatures and half-man-half-beasts allegedly exited. Demonic activity persisted at this site and eventually, Bohemian rulers decided to seal up the gateway with a castle. Before sealing off Hell’s realm, it is said that nearby prisoners were granted pardons if they would agree to be lowered by a rope into the hole. The story goes that the first lowered prisoner let out a yell after entering the hole. When he was raised up, he appeared to have aged over 30 years. He died of unknown causes just days later.

Wait, it gets stranger. During the 1930s, the Nazis took over the castle to conduct occult experiments with dimensional portals. Hitler, a paranormal enthusiast, was known to dabble in the occult, and it is uncertain what the scientists learned from Housksa Castle. Years later, during renovations, several Nazi officer skeletons were found, and it appeared they were killed execution style.

The recurring ghosts at Houska are plentiful, and include a giant bulldog/frog/human, a headless black horse and a woman in an old dress who is frequently seen peaking out of the top floor windows. Beneath the cellar there is said to be some nonhuman remains of the beasts that emerged from the hole.

Zvíkov Castlezvikov-castle-11976

Until 1597 there are stories about so called Zvíkovský Rarášek (Supernatural being Rarach is common in Slavic folklore. To English it should be translated like Imp or Trickster of Zvíkov.) who inhabits and haunts people in ancient tower Markomanka with another name Hlízová tower. This tower has stones with engraved unknown symbols and it was built in the age of Marcomanni rule over Bohemia during 1st century BC to 2nd century AD. It became a part of Zvíkov castle built hundreds years later. Myths and weird events occurs here very often, it includes weird photos, technical problems, unpredictable behaviour of animals, bizarre spontaneous extinguishing of fires, electromagnetic anomalies, presence of wraiths and ghosts. In Czech media it’s famous subject of investigation. Also the rest of the castle is surrounded with myths and ghost stories. It is said to be dangerous to sleep in the main tower, because everybody who will make so, will die within a year. Members of film crew who slept on the castle really died soon after, this is often connected with this story about a curse.
In Czech culture common mythical monsters Fire hounds are also part of mythology surrounding the castle. These spectral dogs are often guards of treasures, hideaways or hideouts. It’s said that these fire hounds (in some versions are these dogs of Zvíkov depicted with burning eyes) are guarding hidden tunnel from Zvíkov

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