Having fun at Interactive exhibition Cosmo-station Solyaris in Moscow

Become a Cosmonaut for one day and enjoy this sci-fi exibit

Moscow, Russia – these days an interesting exhibition called”Solyaris” started in Moscow. It’s a interactive exhibition that become a mecca for people that love out space. Our universe hides thousands of mysteries and the infinite space has secrets that we will never understand. This is why Solyaris is here, to debunk some of those mysteries and give you a complex opportunity to feel the difference in strengths of Earth’s gravity in comparison to Saturn’s or Neptune’s.

Installation is very fun because on example you can enter “Marsinator” where your voice is changed beyond recognition same way as it would be changed if you are on Mars.


Also numerous modern technologies help visitors to understand the process of Earths evolution, Black oles, Exoplanets and other fantastic facts. You can also drop in a wormhole (with Oculus Rift) and enjoy wormholes and other secrets of the Cosmos. Pretty awesome right?

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What do you think?

What do you think?

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