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He lived In Siberia For 6 Months To Photograph Its Indigenous People, Results Are Phenomenal

“While travelling the world, I realized that people are the most amazing part.”

Photo: Alexander Khimushin / Instagram

Russian photographer Alexander Khimushin surprised the world with the beauty of indigenous Siberian people these days. He is a travel photographer and nine years ago he decided to pack his bags and just go see the world. Ever since then he visited over 84 countries, mostly focusing on people of those countries because as he says “While travelling the world, I realized that people are the most amazing part of it.”.

Many people are not aware how big Siberia as a region really is, it is enormous, imagine you combine 2x Australia, 1 and a third of US and a little bit more. In other words it is still a vastly unknown part of the world where people are sparsely settled, mostly indigenous ones.

Three years ago I came up with an idea of the photo project ‘The World In Faces’ that would celebrate beauty and diversity of the world through the portraits of ordinary people. Especially from those remote places, where culture and traditions are still alive. Since then I have taken thousands of portraits all over the world. Last six months I photographed indigenous people of Siberia.

During his 6 month life in Siberia he crossed over 25,000 km and visited a lot of remote areas of Siberia, from lake Baikal all the way to Japan sea. He did all of this for one purpose only, to capture as much faces and traditions from local indigenous people as he can.

Some of these populations are in danger of disappearance, some count just maybe a hundred of their people left. This is why this project was out of world heritage importance. More info: | Facebook | Instagram

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