Hercules Machine Cutting World’s Largest Coal Mine
stafichukanatoly (CC0), Pixabay

Hercules is it’s name, and it’s a massive machine that is used to dig open coal mines, and this one is located in Kazahstan city of Ekibastuze. Russian blogger took these photos just in the time they were operating this monster that was built by Russians in Kazahstan during the Soviet times. It diggs 50 million tons of coal per year and back in 1985. reach it’s maximum annual capacity 56.8 million of tons and as such it ended up in Guinness world records. This monster is able to produce per hour 5,000 tons of coal. This is a self-propelled vehicle. Machine rooms, lounges, cables, ropes, engines. And a huge tangled stairs. Excavator serves a team of 27 miners. Two of the first machines were upgraded in 2009-2010. Two more will be upgraded in 2011-2012. Photo story by Alexander “Russos” Popov.

The second excavator is being repaired.

Coal is mined by open method, for thermal power plants in Russia

Coal reserves on the North complex cut “Hercules” to the horizon -200 m make up 1.179 billion tons

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