Hidden Beauty Of Bosnia and Herzegovina

A blogger and photographer zahariz recently traveled over Bosnia & Herzegovina, a not that well known but beautiful country in the Balkans. Zahariz just rented a car in capital city Sarajevo and started a long driving session over the country over two weeks, just to enjoy the rural parts of the country and enjoy the wild beauty and nature. When you see these photos you will wonder why is there no more of tourists in this country, because nature is so intact and pure it will just feel very zen-like. Our photographer zahariz did his best in searching for beauty in this area and capture itas much as he can in his memory card. Now thanks to him you can see and enjoy this country, for many of you for the first time. More info:

The-Hidden-Beauty-Bosnia-Herzegovina__880 The-Hidden-Beauty-Bosnia-Herzegovina1__880 The-Hidden-Beauty-Bosnia-Herzegovina2__880 The-Hidden-Beauty-Bosnia-Herzegovina3__880 The-Hidden-Beauty-Bosnia-Herzegovina4__880 The-Hidden-Beauty-Bosnia-Herzegovina5__880 The-Hidden-Beauty-Bosnia-Herzegovina6__880 The-Hidden-Beauty-Bosnia-Herzegovina8__880 The-Hidden-Beauty-Bosnia-Herzegovina9__880 The-Hidden-Beauty-Bosnia-Herzegovina10__880 The-Hidden-Beauty-Bosnia-Herzegovina11__880 The-Hidden-Beauty-Bosnia-Herzegovina12__880 The-Hidden-Beauty-Bosnia-Herzegovina14__880 The-Hidden-Beauty-Bosnia-Herzegovina16__880 The-Hidden-Beauty-Bosnia-Herzegovina18__880 The-Hidden-Beauty-Bosnia-Herzegovina19__880 The-Hidden-Beauty-Bosnia-Herzegovina22__880 The-Hidden-Beauty-Bosnia-Herzegovina28__880 The-Hidden-Beauty-Bosnia-Herzegovina29__880 The-Hidden-Beauty-Bosnia-Herzegovina30__880 The-Hidden-Beauty-Bosnia-Herzegovina31__880

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