Hilarious Wedding Photos From Russia

These days a lot of gloomy news are going in media, so why not a bit of positivity. Just as in any other country, Russian people do get married as well, however what is a unique cultural phenomenon is people there started to take whacky photos on their weddings. So lately it’s like an imperative there has to be at least one funny photo from your wedding or the whole things is not done the way it should. In order to mark their big day, these clever Russians are coming up with most creative wedding ideas. Some of them result in somewhat unusual, if not disturbing, wedding photos. via source[divider]

creative-Russian-wedding-photography2 creative-Russian-wedding-photography3 creative-Russian-wedding-photography4 creative-Russian-wedding-photography5 creative-Russian-wedding-photography6 creative-Russian-wedding-photography8 creative-Russian-wedding-photography9 creative-Russian-wedding-photography10 creative-Russian-wedding-photography11 creative-Russian-wedding-photography13 creative-Russian-wedding-photography14 creative-Russian-wedding-photography19 creative-Russian-wedding-photography20 creative-Russian-wedding-photography23 creative-Russian-wedding-photography25 creative-Russian-wedding-photography28 creative-Russian-wedding-photography30 creative-Russian-wedding-photography31creative-Russian-wedding-photography1

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