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Hilarious “Work Safety” posters from USSR

Working is good, but working smart is better! Industrial era brought a lot of good to world, but also it was a major headache to doctors and medical staff! Machines, steam, electricity, hot iron, sharp tools, all that was a major threat for the “new era” workers. The human factor was usually the main cause for these accidents and even fatalities in industrial complexes. This is why authorities of those times tried to avoid future casualties and learn people how to behave at work.

How to behave on work or in factory:

soviet-work-safety-posters33 soviet-work-safety-posters32 soviet-work-safety-posters31 soviet-work-safety-posters28 soviet-work-safety-posters27 soviet-work-safety-posters26 soviet-work-safety-posters25 soviet-work-safety-posters24 soviet-work-safety-posters23 soviet-work-safety-posters22 soviet-work-safety-posters21 soviet-work-safety-posters19 soviet-work-safety-posters17 soviet-work-safety-posters16 soviet-work-safety-posters15 soviet-work-safety-posters13 soviet-work-safety-posters12 soviet-work-safety-posters11 soviet-work-safety-posters10 soviet-work-safety-posters9 soviet-work-safety-posters8 soviet-work-safety-posters7 soviet-work-safety-posters6 soviet-work-safety-posters5 soviet-work-safety-posters4 soviet-work-safety-posters3 soviet-work-safety-posters2 soviet-work-safety-posters1

Do you follow these guides on your work?

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