Historic Photos of Russian Beauties In Traditional Costumes Prove Slavic Beauty Never Gets Boring

From ancient history to today, Slavic Beauty remains

After the reign of Peter I, Russia acquired the fleet and expanded its borders, but in many ways lost its traditions, the heritage of its ancestors and lost the tradition of wearing a Russian boyar suit. Only in the midst of ordinary people will traditional Russian outfits last until the beginning of the 20th century. After the collapse of the USSR, many freedoms appeared that did not bring a revival of Russian traditions and national consciousness, but instead filled the consciousness of the Russian population with values ​​and images from American culture. Many people wished to fill this loss and wanted to reminds readers of the great Russian history and traditions.

Today we will continue to recall the dresses and images of Russian beauties of pre-revolutionary Russia, but not in illustrations and paintings of artists, but in photographs. The photos below are taken from the collection of Shabelsky from the collection of the Russian Ethnographic Museum reports

The Shabelsky collection is a unique source not only for studying the history of the Russian costume – it is rare in its artistic and scientific significance. Created primarily for the purpose of fixing the costumes of various provinces. It became an absolutely independent phenomenon in the history of Russian photography.

Album and studio photos made on high-quality papers are distinguished by their beautiful expressiveness in conveying the image of the Russian woman, and all the models are surprisingly suited to the costumes presented.

Photos from the Shabelsky collection bring to us the images of Russian beauties in traditional costumes and clearly show the wealth and grandeur of our ancestors.

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