Historic Photos of Tallinn Tourism During Socialist Times Of Soviet Union

It was a different kind of tourism back then

Project The Tallinn Collector made by Swede Tomas Alexandersson, enriches our understanding of Tallinn tourism by telling stories of the past. The images and related texts published in this blog come from authentic tourist guides, brochures and postcards. Alexandersson wants you to pay attention to the historical material and many times “staged” tourist information.

“The beach ensemble at Pirita.” — G. German, Tallinn postcard, Eesti Raamat. 1980

Purpose of The Tallinn Collector is to bring visitors back to the beautiful and vintage Tallinn that was hidden behind the many years of Soviet power and occupation. Here visitors can discover and experience the multiple sides of this rich historical material. What visitors see are original photographs with related texts taken from guides that beg the question when does marketing become propaganda.

Alexandersson also think these guides manage to capture the exciting essence of tourist information from that time. It is captivating material with a lot of value, both aesthetically and educationally, and that is why he is eager to share The Tallinn Collector with others.

“Russian Melody”: — Hotell Viru Varietee brochure, Intourist, 1974.

Intourist brochure, Tere Tulemast! Добро пожаловать! Welcome! Willkommen! Tervetuloa!, (year unknown)

“Victory Square is the venue of Tallinner’s festivities.” — J. Aare, Tallinn. Таллин, Eesti Raamat, Sweden, 1985.

“Tallinn pocket calendar 1989.” — T. Krass,Tallinn pocket calendar, 1988.

“The Palace of Culture and Sports named after V. I Lenin.” —  T. Tilinina, V. Kallion, Tallinn postcard, Eesti Raamat, Tallinn, 1985, (Photograph by G. German)

“Lenin.” — N. Rahmanov, Tallinn, Progress Publishers, Moscow, (year unknown) (Plastic cover).

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