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Hogwarts Really Does Exist In Poland

Photo: Christina Moblech / Rex

Not everybody loves school, but many more people would love a school that is made in a Harry Potter Hogwarts style. Every child or even adult lover of J.K.Rowling’s Harry Potter series would absolutely love to see this place, or even live in it and young Poles have a chance to do so. Many have tried to copy Hogwarts from the movie sets but not many have actually made to achieve the atmosphere that would be even close to Hogwarts from movies. Lucky for everyone a young group came at the Polish Czocha Castle in Poland and created the ultimate wizard role-playing Collage of Wizardry. It’s open only for young adults from 18 years of age towards older generations and all the Czocha Hogwarts classes are held in English language so more international youth would attend this class. So it doesn’t matter where you are from, because you can become a wizard in this class no matter of your origin! This castle of course is a real historical location so it is not a replica of Hogwarts, so creators of this event call it Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, as a secondary school in Harry Potter world. It has become a unique place to visit for sure reports dailymail.

Photo: Christina Moblech / Rex

When you enter the area large carved stone columns will hail you with their oil lamps.

Photo: Christina Moblech / Rex

Castle has inner sanctuary as it would be expected and you can enter it with lower causeways.

Photo: Christina Moblech / Rex

Bridges are the place where you want to take a nice view and relax as the wizard Slav squatting above.

Photo: Christina Moblech / Rex

Students enjoy making all kind of cool potions as any real wizards would do in Harry Potter series.

Photo: Christina Moblech / Rex

Wizard apprentice only and most important role is to study so they have comfy places to do so!

Photo: Christina Moblech / Rex

Herbology is just another of mystical and magical classes these students do!

Photo: Christina Moblech / Rex

Most of the young students spend most of their time in classes – but in wizardry school that isn’t so bad.

Photo: Christina Moblech / Rex

Castle has a lot of beautiful decorations such as Gothic statues and relics scattered around.

Photo: Christina Moblech / Rex

Polish Hogwarts also has a well-maintained flowers and mature trees.

Photo: Christina Moblech / Rex

Interior has a beautiful magical woodwork and ceiling.

Photo: Christina Moblech / Rex

Interesting enough we can see of George and the Dragon (Perun vs Veles)

Photo: Christina Moblech / Rex

The bathrooms continue the feel of old world elegance, just as in old times.

Photo: Christina Moblech / Rex

They can take their water out of the wells, hopefully there is no evil magical creature lurking in it!

Photo: Christina Moblech / Rex

Alleys are dark and narrow around the castle, you will just feel as if you are in Harry Potter.

Photo: Christina Moblech / Rex

Just take a look at their mealtimes, just like in the movie right?

Photo: Christina Moblech / Rex

Poles were sure to get all the requisites, a famous game of quidditch.

Photo: Christina Moblech / Rex

However after games they have to go back and study again!

Photo: Christina Moblech / Rex

Or learn some new spells maybe?

Photo: Christina Moblech / Rex

You can see a defense course against the Dark spells above!

Photo: Christina Moblech / Rex

Ironworks on the windows make the feeling just that much more real and authentic.

Photo: Christina Moblech / Rex

High wall and wooden ramparts in the couryard make a great congregation place for students.

Photo: Christina Moblech / Rex

Besides the courtyard, the gardens make for a beautiful, as well as peaceful, place to relax after a hard day of magic. If you are interested you can buy a ticked to visit it here.

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