Hollywood domination ending?! New Russian Superhero Movie ‘Guardians’!

From what kind of evil will they protect us?

Zaschitniki (Russian: Защитники; The Defenders or The Guardians). It’s a Russian superhero film about to see English speaking cinemas for the first time. Does this spell the beginning of the end of Hollywood’s reign in the superhero arena? We’re about to find out.

Coming soon, ‘The Guardians’ is directed by Armenian director Sarik Andreasyan. Each super entity, based on characters first developed in the USSR during the Cold War, represents one of the peoples that once adhered to the Soviet Repulic. The traditions, values, strengths and uniqueness of each has been assigned to a superhero who is about to battle evil. Starring Anton Pampuchniy as Ursus, Sanzhar Madiev as Khan, Alina Lanina as Xenia, Sebastien Sisak as Ler, Valeria Shkirando as Leader of the secret patriots’ organization, Vyacheslav Razbegaev as Major-General, and Stanislav Shirin as main antagonist.


  • Sebastien Sisak as Ler.
Ler is a Landman Superhero. The raw forms of the earth obey his commands. He can cause rocks and boulders to fly or float through the air or orbit around him. Mountains move at his decree; falling rocks will stop and hang in mid-air; pebbles and dirt follow his orders. He can turn rock to dust and make the earth break beneath the feet of his enemies in the exact way he wants, forming craters, gorges and pits. His weaponry includes earthquakes and ground eruptions. His armor is the rocks, which he can call to himself at any time to cover his body like a suit. He wields a flail with a rock cemented to a chain. He sports a Slavic swastika, a kolovrat, on his chest. His costume, like those of the rest of the superhero team, enhances his powers and increases his menace. Landman Ler is not to be taken lightly.
And by the way!
  • Anton Pampushniy as Ursus
Ursus is a skin-changer or werebear, a Wildman having the power to change from man to bear and vice versa, or even make only a half-way change. As a bear-humanoid, Ursus (Latin for bear) can smoothly adjust his proportions and enhance his physique with bear or human qualities. Since he can control the transformation exactly, he has many in-between phases that boost his prowess, such as exhibiting the bear head, paws and stature on the torso of his man-form. This makes him unbeatable to any normal human being. His personality is loyal, fierce and indomitable, and he possesses an unwavering drive to smash the enemy completely. Ursus is equipped with a costume that intensifies his powers, plus a gun and its battery pack, which he wears around his waist in human form and on his back in bear form. Even when he is not a bear, he is physically tough enough to be a formidable opponent.
  • Sanzhar Madiev as Khan
Khan flies and cuts straight as the wind, and as a Windman, his abilities include being able to deliver blows that send his enemies literally soaring and being able to dodge bullets even at point blank range. He can punch his way straight through solid walls and wing through the air at the speed of thought, a strength which he harnesses with the power of mental focus. When Khan is flying in this way, his color changes to white and he is able to think sharper and keener than any other human being. He perceives everything else in slow motion and himself at ordinary speed. But to everyone else, he has gone so rapidly that he seems to have teleported. He leaves a black trail of gas behind him when he is in this condition. He is a master at all types of sword and knife fighting and all forms of martial arts, although his personal preference, with which he is armed, is twin crescent shaped blades in the form of a scimitar, which can be joined at the hilts for a deadly double bladed arms, capable of carving up metal without blunting. He is endowed with superhuman gymnastic and acrobatic prowess and agility. When his blades are combined with his deadly speed, Khan can slice up vehicles or enemies in a matter of Nano-seconds. He is clothed in a special costume which increases his unique powers.
  • Alina Lanina as Xenia

Xenia is a Waterwoman, able to move both on and through water with a smooth agility incomparable even to a fish or dolphin. Xenia is endowed with enhanced gymnastic abilities which make her a formidable martial artist and a superhuman acrobat, both on land and in the water. Temperature means nothing to her, so she can survive both in an airless vacuum and underwater in the coldest or hottest degrees. Her body can be transformed into a transparent liquid-like substance, allowing her to become one with the water while still being able to move and act. Then she appears like a ghostly silhouette, only her eyes, ears and nose being visible. She can also vanish altogether, her unique costume also vanishing from sight. These powers can be used both for defence and attack.

  • Stanislav Shirin as August Kuratov.
August Kuratov is the Main Antagonist, a power-hungry maniac who has built an army of clones to capture Moscow, prior to enslaving the rest of the world. He can control all technical equipment in the world with his machine “Modul-1”, and he is armed with a mechanized exoskeletal-like costume equal to Ler’s rock armor.
  • Valeria Shkirando as Head of “Patriot” Secret organization.
  • Vyacheslav Razbegaev as Major-general Nikolai Dolgov

Here are trailers of upcoming video!

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