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Hollywood Heroes Imitated By Cringe Worthy Cosplay Of A Russian Manager

When you just had enough of those perfectionists cosplayers brat

Cosplay is kind of a big deal these days, but aren’t you tried from all those fancy perfectionist cos-players that just want to be the best and act like they are game character replicas? We we bet you are and Russian Alexander Kravets is too! This is why Alexander turned his hobby into his passion, to ridicule them with his most of the time cringe-worthy cosplaying that will make you smile no matter do you like it or not. This guy is actually a manager (we have no idea what he manages) in his real life but at some breaking point in his life in 2015. he started to troll around with photos and do some imitations.

Today, he stopped posting normal photos and just enjoys the art of “suitable cosplay” as he calls it, in other words a minimalist cheap approach to cosplay. Why spend hundreds of dollars on makeup and plastic masks when you can just stick 5$ sausages over your face and turn into a haunted captain from “Pirates of Caribbean”. Alexander publishes photos 3-4 times each week, and he has a genuine passion for it. More info: Instagram (h/t: rbth)

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