Horoscope and Zodiac Signs As Gopniks

Horoscope has always been a thing people believe in, and Zodiac signs are something we all have. Lucky for us Mikhail Khan created drawings of zodiac signs in a Slavic way, the true Slav-Squat-Gopnik-culture way. This is a reflection of a gGopnik subculture in Russia, and as such Mikhails zodiac signs will give to each of you a specific Gopnik sign that you can carry in your life. There is no reason to have all those kind of Zodiac signs and not have a true Slavic one. If you wonder what a Gopnik is, well Gopnik (gop, gopota, gopar, punks) are a normal kids in the post-revolutionary Petrograd a residents of the City Hostels proletariat. Gopnik in the west have different names, but you can read more in detail here.


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