How Belorussians and Ukrainians Celebrate Malanka

Ukrainian and Belorussian New Year obtained the name Malanka from a folk tale collected by a Ukrainian ethnologist. The story is based on The Creator Praboh and his four sons and one daughter. One son was the Devil, the second son was St. George (Yar-Yarylo), the third was St. John (Rai) and the fourth was Lad or Myr (Peace). The one daughter is our mother Earth and she was named Lada, who had two children, a son who was called the Moon and a daughter Spring-May, who was later referred to as Mylanka because she was loving (мила). As mother Earth, she was responsible for the blooming of flowers and the greenery spread in spring. Her evil uncle, the Devil desired her presence in his underground world and stole her one day when the Moon was hunting. While she was gone, the Earth was left without spring and once she was released from the Devil, flowers began to bloom and greenery spread around the world. Ukrainians celebrate Malanka to symbolize the release of spring and to welcome the better sunnier times. Via tanyakotova

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