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How Chernobyl Is Getting Sealed Away

The train arrives in indoor sanitary inspection Semihody. There are clean and dirty areas around Chernobyl. You leave your clothes, proceed down the hall in a dirty area – that’s the place where they are putting on their working clothes. Chernobyl today itself is a damn pretty big work station. Moment of boarding the bus our photographer was unable to photograph however he was making photos while moving. The vaults arches are being made by Turkish subcontractors and they work together with Ukrainian workers in the area. Below you will see the view of the local zone of the Chernobyl shelter. There is a construction process of the building that will house a variety of control systems arch so before the unit itself can be seen there are protective concrete walls, which are high as a 7-storey building. It was built in order to reduce the radiation from the Chernobyl. Story via user1984

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