How Futuristic Russian Military Vehicles Could Look Like By Nenad Gojkovic

One concept artist tried to look into the future

Arming ourselves is how we humans live on our little planet, we’re armed to the teeth but have no teeth in most cases. This is why we like new gear, weapons, tanks and that is how it will always be. This is why we have some new neat future designs that could be a part of Russian future military vehicles. Concept designer Gojkovic Nenad from Serbia has specialized in prop, vehicle and architecture design for the entertainment industry. For his designs he uses a popular technique called photobashing, you probably haven’t heard for that. However, the photobashing technique he’s using is kind of a unique one.

He take what he calls a base image of an actual existing design, like part of an actual APC photo. The process has 2 stages basically. As he explains – “First I modify the existing silhouette to a degree and once I’m happy with the new one I continue with design, by further modifications and by placing small details, cropped from other military vehicles in this case.

For more of his work, visit (here you can find process gifs for some of the displayed vehicles) or He can be reached at [email protected]

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