How life is in northern arctic Russia

Artic Russia is the home of Nenets which are the indigenous people in northern arctic Russia. They were a nomadic people that traveled across tundra for centuries long before USSR. The life in Arctic is very extreme with temeratures as low as -40°C and a normal urban people would hardly manage to survive is such hard conditions. As anywhere else industrialization has touched the enviroment of their area as well so it’s damaged and in danger because of oil exploration and plans for gas and oil extraction. It’s a pretty land however also very rich with natural resorces so Nenets will in future see their traditional lifestyle getting replaced by industrial exploration of the area. Internationally famous documentary photographer Justin Jin has captured the life of these people in “Zone of Absolute Discomfort” essay. via(source)

Justin-Jin-Arctic-01 Justin-Jin-Arctic-02 Justin-Jin-Arctic-03 Fighter jet monument sits above Russian Arctic city Alcoholics in Arctic city Nickel factory pollution exterminates Arctic wildlife Justin-Jin-Arctic-13 Justin-Jin-Arctic-15 Justin-Jin-Arctic-022

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