This Babushka saved her sons Banana from going to waste in the sweetest way

Stashing food is in their aged DNA across Eastern Europe

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It is very important to be not spoil around with your food. If someone knows this, it is the pensioners that value each piece of food they have. You know it is in their blood to save food for the hard days, your Baba already started to stash it probably, like Ajvar (lutenitsa), pickles, cabbage and other tasty stuff.

However a Babushka (or baba, grandma) from Croatian town of Tribunj has raised this food saving to a completely new level and it has gone viral. She has actually saved a peeled banana that her grandchild peeled off and forgot to eat. She did not approve and actually dedicated her valuable time and sewing skills to masterfully save the banana:

Dnevna doza prosječnog Dalmatinca /

What is even more hilarious is the note she has left to him, to warn him in future about his behavior when it comes to food:

“Son, its better this way so it doesn’t go to waste”. ~ said the note on the banana

So you better eat that banana whole, don’t make your Babushka mad.

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