How To Decorate Your House In Slavic Style

Our Slavic culture has its own vision how to decorate a house and no matter how distant Slavic countries are from each other you will realize their folk decor is always the same in rural villages, be it Russia, Poland, Serbia, Croatia or any other. This is why many will have a place for their brooms, the sharp knife on the wall and these little things that make it feel rural. Slavs have a uniqe and rich history, which they are proud off and this is why many of the decor in a traditional Slavic house comes from the knowledge of our ancestors and custom traditions.

Traditional Slavic house is usually made of a tree, it is considered as symbol of beauty, life, greatness, which granted their hosts warmth and comfort.

It is impossible to overestimate the influence of the atmosphere of our home. A huge part of our time we spend at home. About eight hours a day we spend in bed and the rest of the time at work. The atmosphere and the energy of the place affects our mood, self-confidence, relationships with people in the household and to our success in life, how we feel at work. Do you notice how different rooms make us feel different? In one it is easy to breathe, with light movement of air, improving your mood, you enjoy and relax while there. Yet in another – you have bad feelings, bad smells, dark, unpleasant sensations.

This is why our ancestors at the same time of laying the foundation of the future  house they would also plaint a tree in the middle of the yard. Planting a birch or rowan tree, it will make your garden very beautiful with such graceful trees. Since the beginning It remained as a sign: to ensure wealth and happiness, so at the corners of first logs they would put scraps of wool, grain or money.

According to the Slavic beliefs, different objects in the house had its meaning – some meant trouble withdrawn from the family, bringing happiness and prosperity, other subjects to disaster. Broom helped to keep the house clean, garlic and pepper expelled evil spirits, homemade cakes and a pot of buckwheat symbolize the hospitable and prosperity. Bag with juniper helped to get rid of bad thoughts. Perhaps the most important feature of the house in the Slavic traditions is the atmosphere of comfort, prosperity, well-being and the mood, based on tradition, reverence for ancestors and family.

Stove was especially associated with omens symbolizing the well-being of the family. Many Slavs have been making a hole in the wall just above the stove that would get penetrating rays of the rising soon to bring peace and good in the house. Ovens not only serve for cooking and warmth, but is a true work of art, perfectly fitting into the interior. Oven-heater in the tiles – a truly spectacular sight, a masterpiece of manual work. The entire interior of the hut was a holistic, common style set the tone for the room. According to the oven, it was possible to understand if a person is rich or poor.

We hope you enjoyed the traditional story behind some decor elements in Slavic houses.

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