How To Make Delicious Russian Pancakes

Are you feeling hungry? If not, you will feel starving after this pancake report! Cool Russian blogger “Slava” is usually blogging about language however this time he decided to make a different report, to surprise his girlfriend with a breakfast on top of a mountain in Crimea. Food he decided to make are Slavic or Russian pancakes so we can also see now how to make pancakes even in such adventurous surrounding far away from a kitchen. All the necessary pancake ingredients for this delicious food were taken on this trip because there are no shops on mountain tops! Let’s see how these pancakes turned out to be:


Ingredients: milk, flour, few eggs, fruit and vegetable oil. Also to make them he did need a miniature gas stove, small pan, utensils and plates.


Once all was taken out, he started his pancake art with some egg breaking


After eggs were added in a pot he needed to add some milk! ( quite a view in the background right?)


Then the third ingredient, flour is added to the pot and he started to mix it until creamy texture comes.


Mini propane stove has started heating and vegetable oil is added onto the pan.


As stove got heated enough he started to add the pancake mixture onto the pan.


In meanwhile they were enjoying the Crimean view, nice kitchen isn’t it?


Slavic pancakes are very thin (unlike American ones), so you have to watch constantly that they don’t burn.


Once the pancake starts to form he started to flip them on the other side to prevent burning.


Soon the first pancake is finished and ready for serving.


Then he chopped some fresh fruits and served it all together.


After the meal is completed what else than to enjoy the view and delicious pancakes (thought we miss some chocolate)

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