Tutorial: How to survive among Slavs and have fun with them

We are not easy as people, so stay a while and listen

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Slavic lands – We will now bring you an extensive “how to survive among Slavs” manual for all you afraid tourists that feel scared while walking the streets of any Slavic countries. We understand that you want to follow and integrate in the country as much as you can, so why not help you. First of all you have to understand that this manual is Slavic-international which means it applies to all the Slavic countries. In reality the next few steps are really as simple as it gets, and when reviewed they all won’t be too hard.

Make sure to act tough, always

It’s absolutely a must to be “tough” all the time. Your toughness will be tested by other men, women, children and everybody. As soon as you show your weak spot, they will lose respect for you! Always stand your ground!

Drink liquor when offered, always

Do not ever refuse a drink. It’s a warm gesture of extending you a hand of friendship through offering you a drink. Refusing to take a drink with fellow Slavs is almost as an insult.

If a grandma (Babuška, Baba, Baka) offers you food you must accept it

If you’re staying at someones house, it’s almost unavoidable to meet a Babuška of the house. It’s actually a cool old and good woman that will want to make you happy. She will feed you untill you cannot take anymore but it’s important to eat as long as she offers, if not so you will make an insult towards her.

Always agree with local patriots, gopniks and alike

Sooner or later you will end up partying in the city through the night. You will be approached by local people (because you’re a tourist) and they will want to share their world perspective with you. Just always agree!

Be relaxed, no one likes stuck-up people

You’re not on a funeral nor office meeting. Don’t be stuck up, just drink, have fun, joke and enjoy the time with Slavs.

Women are pretty but you can’t have them

Slavic women are beautiful, vibrant but also as expected tough. Yes you will have a drink or two and will see this beautiful lady in the corner, but you can’t just come and conquer.

You follow these few simple guidelines and you will have a blast.

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