How Ukrainians reshaped one Chicago neighborhood

U.S.A. has always been a country of immigrants and those newcomers always upon arriving in a new country held together. This is why we have China towns and similar, however there are those ethnic villages that are less known. Just like the Ukrainian Village in Chicago, as this small neighborhood, in history was first settled and populated by Germans after the great Chicago Fire. Soon Ukrainians started to settle the land and is relativity short time they have became the predominant group in this area, in other words neighborhood was Slavicized! Most of the people had some trades so it became known as a working class neighborhood.


With time residents that are of known Ukrainian heritage has dwindled to around 2,500 Ukrainians! No matter the fact how little Ukrainians are there in this Chicago neighborhood, they have managed to reshape one whole neighborhood that thanks to them became an attraction in Chicago.


In this area  today you can find the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, the Ukrainian National Museum, the Ukrainian Cultural Center, as well as two of Chicago’s largest Ukrainian churches, St. Nicholas Catholic Church and Ss. Volodymyr and Olha Ukrainian Catholic Church.


Lesson? Stick together and do amazing things!

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