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Husky Animal Farm From Belarus

This big kennel is located in Minsk and belongs to Alexander Borisyonok. The whole complex consists of some houses, an animal farm, cages with animals and hunting grounds of 34 hectares. There is everything here to impress a hunter – two bears, many wild boars and more than 200 huskies. The owner is a passionate lover of hunting himself reports Belorussian portal Onliner. Alexander had a sports past, he was a world champion in powerlifting in 1982. He looks like a hard man but when he speaks about huskies his eyes become lighter… Huskies are perfect for cold climate, perfect for either a private house or a big flat.


They almost don’t have a smell and rarely fall ill. They eat everything you give them. Alexander does not ask much for dogs. A puppy from his kennel costs 100-200 dollars, an adult dog – 500-1000. In Russia such dogs are much more expensive: 5 000-6 000 dollars in Moscow, sometimes 10 000 or even more!


The wild boars inhabit the territory of more than four hectares. Here the dogs are trained to hunt for wild boars. They find an animal, detain it and let a hunter come closer. Alexander bought his first huskies in 1989 in Moscow specially for hunting.


Then he started to breed and sell them himself. But soon he realized it was not for him. In 1990 he started to build an animal farm, and when its territory became bigger more dogs appeared there. He brought them from different regions of Russia.


The hunting sector appeared nine years ago. It was a reasonable desicion. Today he has three enclosures – four hectares each.

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