Hyperborean Legendary Calendars Of Slavs

In Russia legends say there was an ancient Hyperborean culture associated with alien civilizations and galaxies millions of years old. The same was said in the Norse mythology as Midgard, ‘fenced yard’ – the God-man civilization while Asgard – the unkonwn godly world and Utgard – a world of different spirits, mixed with good and evil. According to Hyperborean scrolls life lasts beginning-less and endless. Age of mankind has for millions of years, as evidenced by the Persian, Egyptian, Greek and Hindu legends. It is also important to say that Hyperborean heritage negates the biblical legend of the creation of man, this is one of the major reasons of conflict between Rodnovery and Christianity in terms of world creation and life.


Thus, in the Hyperborean scrolls says that hundreds of thousands of years ago mysterious creatures came to Earth from the higher divine worlds:
– 7,500 years ago – There was a fatal conclusion of the truce between the sons of light and sons of darkness: white and shipwrights humanoids.
– 13,000 years ago – Great cooling of earth and peace.
– 40,000 years ago – Fiery chariots of Perun coming to earth and distribution of rune scrolls.
– 110,000 years ago – The dispensation of the Gods of the city in Siberia (World-city, capital of Hyperborea).


Hyperborean Calendars

Solar calendars (Slavic, Scandinavian, and so on.) originating from blameless civilizations, in turn associated with bright sunny galaxies. They do not embody any bad date, not a single negative character.


Significant sign! Children of light, did not consider it necessary to soil oneself about the negative. Telling us about the bright dates, events and legends … How important that lesson is!

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