IBM leaves Slovenia and settles in Croatia

They say that the Croatian government investor offered better conditions for investment, while the Slovenian side in the negotiations claimed that all foreign investors offers the same conditions. Slovenia’s government made contract with IBM in October last year. Prime mninister Miro Cerar taled with IBM managers, but the negotiations did not accept Slovenia due to the big tax cuts, writes the Ljubljana “Delo” and Maribor newspaper “Evening”.

According to Slovenian media, the most interesting locations in Slovenia IBM was offered was town Maribor, there IBM wanted to open several high-classified jobs for IT professionals who have a good skill in foreign languages, primarily German and English.

According to the Slovenian media, the IBM Technical Support Center is a project that actually means concentration and transfer of such services from Germany, Italy and other Western European countries to the east, where there is qualified staff, or the price of labor is less.

“When it comes to attracting foreign investment, Slovenia is in competition with Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatian and Serbia,” he said, commenting on the news that IBM withdrew from Slovenia Branko Žibret of consulting firm AT Kearney.

He added that Slovenia had not yet made the right strategy and system to attract investors from abroad, and also should establish a more attractive business environment. “This government is aware of that, but things are changing too slowly,” he added.

According to the analysis of the investment climate in Slovenia, which is conducted by AT Kearney, foreign investments in Slovenia in recent years, although increasing, have not created any new jobs. In Slovenia, foreign investment accounted for about 20 percent of GDP, and in the neighboring countries and up to 45 percent, the study warns.

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