Icy Armageddon in Serbia

BELGRADE Freezing rain and strong wind caused numerous problems in the eastern parts of Serbia, a mining town Majdanpek. On Wednesday it will be the third day without electricity due to a fault on a transmission line that teams are trying to train as an electrician in extremely difficult conditions. Majdanpek is the third day without electricity, water and heating, mobile telephony signal is weak or absent connections of fixed telephony. Despite earlier announcements officials have not ensured the supply of electricity for electricians in extremely difficult weather conditions tend to train lines encased in ice in the inhospitable mountainous areas of the municipality.[divider]

The lines go from mountain to mountain, and installers over the wheels’. It all looks really scary. It’s hard to watch and under such gusts of wind, and I can not imagine what it’s like to be up,” reported on Wednesday field reporter B92.

The situation in the city has become all the more dramatic as running out of fuel for generators, so it will be necessary to acquire additional supply, and Majdanpek is of Serbian-Russian humanitarian center in Nis sent to another unit of 120 kilowatts. Reported in the Belgrade electronic media, tens of professionals who, risking their lives, in extremely difficult conditionsare trying to normalize the situation and ensure the supply.

Executive director of the company Elektromreže Serbia Elijah Cvijetić, told Tanjug that, of the three lines that fed Majdanpek, all three out of operation and to them have fallen pillars.

The municipal crisis headquarters Wednesday afternoon, however, withdrew from the proclamation of emergency, reported Radio Television Serbia (RTS), but announced the possibility that by the end of the day and tonight they evacuated the most vulnerable citizens of Majdanpek. Head of Sector of the Serbian MUP for Emergency Situations Predrag Maric, however, expected to be in by the end of the day Majdanpeku establish normal supply of electricity and there will be no need for evacuation. Partially established signal of mobile network, and tonight is qualified optic cable that enabled connections of fixed telephony. Individual citizens, as reported by reporters from Majdanpek, complaining that it was more of a problem and of electricity that they could not hear any information“. Local officials say the first time in the last three decades that happened in one daythat all three lines have fallen that supply electricity to the city. “

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