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If Famous Movies Were Made In Eastern Europe They’d Look Like This

Deadpool, Game of Thrones, Home Alone, Matrix, Fight Club…you name it

Slavpool / Photo: 2d Here

Eastern Europe – “What would it be if our fantasies were all real?” was a Russian art project called 2D Among Us writes. This is a internet project for fun and the goal was to place all the famous movie characters in different alternative surrounding in Eastern Europe (Russia mostly truth to be told). So you have a chance to see even a better movie setting than the original, like Deadpool, Game of Thrones, Home Alone, Matrix and so on.

Keep on checking them out and tell us what do you think, would these movies be better if they were filmed in our lands? More info: 2d Here


Pirates of the Baltic

Herold Petrov

Game of Slavs

Batman – the Slav knight

Slav Park

Slaved away

Tomo i Đeri

Slav Note

Slav home alone

Forest Trump

I am Slav

Mad Marx

Game of Slavs

The little Olga

Slav time

Slav Squad

Slav wars

Slav Fiction

Slav Club

What do you think?

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