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Blizzcon, watch out there is another hot festival coming from the East

Russia – You heard of Blizzcon right? Well there’s something just as cool and large but coming from the east, or more precisely from Russia. It’s one of the larger Russian festivals when it comes to geek culture, video games and everything shiny and nice. The festival will open it’s doors to the public geek world at 11:00 from 29.09. to 02.10. in the luxury complex “Crocus Expo“.

As far as the Expos history it was born in 2006. where it first appeared over the city in form of posters, and today it’s concept is still not change, because hey why to change something that is already good. On the expo itself you will be able to feast your eyes on the latest novelties in computer world, cosplay shows, awesome stands prepared by manufacturers and there will be a huge amount of gifts and souvenirs for it’s visitors.

Also in same Expo a Comic Con festival will be held too, so there will be a lot of cinematography, books, board games and other cool geeky stuff. Worth cheeking out!

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