Interesting Slavic stories: Grandmother Ljubica is 97

Ljubica Aličič is the oldest person in the village of Šeptinovci near Našica in Croatia. She learned to distillate brandy (rakija) when she was just a little girl and she still does it today. She doesn’t pick fruits because her grandson Branko does it for her. He puts plums into the boiler for distillation, puts on the removable lid and then she takes the work.

»Rakija is good for stomach, health and good mood. In the old times the only thing we drank was rakija« says grandma Ljubica, who drinks rakija her whole life but she never got drunk from it.

»When I was drinking it I only had 69 kilos. I don’t drink it anymore because my stomach doesn’t tolerate it« says Ljubica sadly and then proudly shows her hundred years old copper boiler.

Her grandson said that he must report the boiler because of EU laws. Ljubica advised him that he does this because Slavonic traditions mustn’t be interrupted.

Who said that rakija or any other brandy is bad for health?! 😀 ŽIVELA BAKA JOŠ STO GODINA!

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