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Intimate Photos of Russian Villages Without Men, They Are Run By Strong Women Who Keep Them Going

When women are left alone, but their communities are still alive

Photo: Olya

In our world younger generations flock the big cities, they despise the village life and work that comes with it. Many young men join the army or leave for the cities while young daughters are a lot of times left in villages with no way out. This is a trend that gave birth to village matriarchy and daughters becoming tough farmers leading the rural communities. Considering the fact that Russia is a huge country, some of these little shy communities basically remain unseen to the most of the world.

This is why Russian photographer Olya Ivanova started this journey, to document the contemporary life of the remote communities in Russia and their unusual stories. More info: Olya Ivanova (h/t: broadly)

“There is a special feeling of freedom, mainly due to the way of communication, totally different from customs of the city,” she explains. “There are no strangers, everyone is involved. The relationship could be anything but formal, estranged, cold. At times there are real dramas and intrigues but everyone cares about everyone else. I discovered a closed community of people living the life completely different from mine, so my key interest was to capture it from the inside.”

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