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Jan Vladimír Hráský – His Work In Slovenia

I didn’t really know either to put this into the Slovene or Czech section, but since most Hráský’s buildings that I know are in Slovenia, I put it the Slovene section.

Jan Vladimír Hráský (1857-1939) was a Czech architect, engineer, builder and hydrologist. He was a professor at the K.u.K. Czech Technical University in Prague and its rector in the years 1900-01. In the years 1884-97, when he worked in Ljubljana, he was the Provincial Structural Engineer.

In Slovenia he built a few important buildings in Neo-Reneissance style.

In Ljubljana Ljubljanska opera (Ljubljana Opera House), which is today also the building of Slovene National Opera and Ballet Theatre, was built in the years 1890 to 1892 after the plans of Jan Vladimír Hráský and Anton Hruby.

He also built the Narodni dom (first called Slovanski dom) in Celje in 1895-1896. It was a very important building in the region as Slovene cultural activities, oposing the Germanisation, were held there. In response Brang’s Deutsches Haus was built in 1905-06 ( Today Narodni dom is the seat of the municipality of Celje.

Perhaps his most importan work in Slovenia is the building of the University of Ljubljana, the Carniolan Provincial Manor (Kranjski deželni dvorec) in Congress Square. The building was the seat of the Carnioland Landtag and from 1919 onwards the rectorate of the university. It was built in 1902 to replace the old Landtag headquarters that were damaged in an earthquake several years before.

Among his works are also the water tower in Kranj (1897) and the water reservoir of Poděbrady (1928). He also designed the railroad bridge in Radeče.

Water tower in Kranj

Water reservoir in Poděbrady

I would be glad if any Czech members could tell me if he was “famous” in Czechia as an architect aswell. Was he known for something besides being rector of the Technical University? Did he construct any other buildings in Czechia or elsewhere?

What do you think?

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