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Japanese reenact the Yugoslav Civil Wars

Japanese reenact the Yugoslav Civil Wars – Look, it’s the Croatian military! Oh wait, never mind, it’s just some Japanese guys dressed up like Croats. The above picture, together with another picture of Japanese dressed up like Serbs, have shocked Serbian/Croatian netizens, many of whom don’t seem to like the idea of some Japanese guys making a game out of the recent war in which so many of their countrymen fought and died. Belgrade 2.0 has posted a story on the photos, asking the following questions:

This is somewhat on the border of actual ‘Slavic reenactments’, but I decided to post it anyway.



What is the actual time needed for a war to become history? A decade, couple of years, one hundred years? What is the distance (time, cultural or geographical) needed so that we can “play war” without engaging too deeply into the actual context: who attacked first, were there any war crimes, how many people got killed, what happened after the war, etc

Such questions don’t seem to be an issue to the military hobbyists engaging in the reenactment of the Yugoslav War, such as this Japanese blogger, who writes about his experiences in a Bosnian battle “Survival Game”. According to the blogger, who has posted quite a few pictures from the event, there were UN, Croatian, and Serbian forces fighting in the battle, which took place at a site called “Area 51″ in Chiba Prefecture. Unlike the real Balkan War, much of the fighting revolved around each team’s flag, and there was plenty of time for participants to relax and take pictures.


Čevapi – South Slavic grilled meat

– Text took from, picture gallery here

If you look carefully you can see that they mixed several periods. In the Serbian team you even have general Dragoljub „Draža“ Mihailović the leader of the Yugoslav White Movement, together with partizans and modern army soldiers. In the Croatian team I think I can see WWII ustasas in modern-day soldier uniforms… and of course in the Serbian team, the track-suit guy.

What do you think?

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