Keanu Reeves Arrived In Saint Petersburg And Russian Fans Caught His Funny Facial Expressions

New movie “Siberia” which is obviously in the making

Keanu landed in St.Petersburg these days. Reason is filming a new movie “Siberia” which is directed by Matt Ross, while Keanu Reeves obviously enjoys acting in Russian / Slavic themed movies lately (John Wick on example).  At first everyone thought they were going to film the movie in Canada, but suddenly he appeared in Russia so he is either going to film it there or just arrived to get a bit accustomed to Russian culture. It didn’t get too long until people started to recognize him while walking around the town, so he started to make photos with fans and gave away a lot of autographs. He still had that famous “I’m not amused” look at his face:

Photo: galchenokzh / instagram

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