Keeping The Traditions Alive

Cooperage originated in ancient Greece, but the history of the drums began much earlier. However, in those ancient times, they simply hollowed out of the trunks of large trees, and so the size of the barrels directly depended on the size of the tree. However, as time passed and people have learned how to make barrels, pulling individual plates using hoops and other techniques. Horizons, as they say, widened, and the opportunity to make wooden container of a given diameter. Have you heard anything about doshnik?

This is a very huge drum, which burrows into the ground and is designed to leaven pickles. So here doshnik standard accommodates as much as 16 tons of sour cabbage!


I’m talking about the fact that in our high-tech time, despite the fact that the shelves piled with dishes from a variety of modern materials, real oak barrels has not lost its relevance.


Because most directly affect the taste of stored them drinks. And today’s my story about this and about the real keepers of traditions, which I found in the south of the Voronezh region in a town called Rossosh.


Small by modern standards, industrial complex, “Velez” for almost 12 years manufacturing barrels for wine and brandy, as well as a variety of tubs and barrels for honey and pickles, planters for flowers and a tub, steamers for baths, various wooden furniture, and more. But first of all – it is still coopers, so today I will try to tell and show everything that I learned about the secrets of cooperage craft.


This story began last winter, when in the horror of choosing a gift for the anniversary, I wandered into a specialty store selling bath accessories. Fortunately for me, there was sold and several oak barrels with brass taps and father-in a large garden and every year he makes the wine of their own production.


I said from the seller, that these items are not just for interior decoration, but also, in fact, for long-term storage of alcoholic beverages, and realized that the gift has been found. After presenting in-law admitted that the mere thought of purchasing long wooden container, so that the gift came in very handy. Story via muph


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