Kiev`s Best Murals – Practical Art Covering The Ugly Facades And Lifting Up The City

Kievans have long been hard to surprise with this kind of art…

Murals for Kiev is not just painting on a large scale, or legalized graffiti. They have a real practical application. Now it is more a way to cover the ugly facades of houses that did not fit into the Kiev urban architectural style or the way to decorate the buildings of the times of the USSR, which, as we know, do not differ in beauty or design, but are more like huge gray concrete cubes. Kievans have long been hard to surprise with this kind of art, but visitors all the time notice them and often admire. And what can be useful to the residents of Kiev in this matter – to tell tourists where you can find the most beautiful murals, because they are not often far from the central city bustle, or in the center, but are hidden in small streets, wherever you for anything went, if they did not know that there is a real beauty hiding there.

Even five to six years ago, murals in Kiev were a rarity. In 2010, for the first time in Ukraine, the festival of street art Muralissimo was held. Then, not a call of the organizers, several domestic and foreign artists responded. The beginning was laid …

The initiator of a more active “muralization” of the city was the director Geo Leros. While working in the United States, he saw many different images on the walls. He was amazed both by the style and influence of graffiti on the environment, the originality and special color of these large-scale drawings.

He began to invite artists from Australia and Brazil, Greece and Poland, Spain and Italy. Now the murals of Kiev have become an integral part of the city and one of its most interesting sights. Over the past year, the walls of the houses were decorated with more than 20 new paintings, this year there will be even more. Now, to see the best Murals of Kiev, you can not do without a guide.

Recently, a map was created, on which all murals are marked. Having selected two or three days, you can visit them all yourself. But do not forget that every picture has its own story, and sometimes – a legend or a mystery. Knowing it, you will look at the giant wall paintings in a completely different way.

But what if there are not two or three days to see everything? It’s very simple to inspect only the most original and interesting!

Lesya Ukrainka


On the wall of this house you can see a portrait of Lesya Ukrainka. On the Australian artist Guido van Helton, the poem “Convalia” made such a strong impression that he decided to portray the great Ukrainian poetess. This mural has its own peculiarity, “zest”. The woman on it seems to be looking at the neighboring house, in which Lesja Ukrainka used to live.

Labyrinth of problems” (Dmitrievskaya street, 62/20)

Appeared on the wall of the building, immediately became the center of a loud scandal. Someone from the city authorities decided that the image “infringes on religious outlooks.” Activists stood up for the protection of the picture, especially since she entered the top ten most interesting murals of the month according to the authoritative edition of “StreetArtNews”.

Elephant with balloons (Academician Tupolev str., 7b)

Author – Alexander Korban (Ukraine)

An ordinary house in Tupolev Street turned into a place of pilgrimage for tourists when a cheerful elephant with a whole cloud of balloons appeared on it.

Mikhail Grushevsky (Sichovyh Streltsov Street (Artema), 75)


The end of this building has recently been adorned with a portrait of a Ukrainian historian and public figure Mikhail Hrushevsky.

Paper airplane (street Antonovich (Gorkogo), 48а)


The boy, letting paper airplanes, became a favorite of the people of Kiev. This solar, very positive composition was created by Alexander Korban.

A girl with a bird (Sineozernaya St., 2)


At first the picture was called “Girl and Bird”, but … The sun warms, the heat comes, the technical progress does not stand still, and next to the girl’s face on the mural air conditioner appeared. Now there will be a girl and an air-conditioner. All the same beautiful!

Girl with flowers (Mayakovsky Avenue, 2/1)


Author – Fintan Magee (Australia)

Many beautiful Murals of Kiev are located in the sleeping areas, where there are more opportunities for the embodiment of the most incredible fantasies. Not long ago a picture of a girl with flowers appeared on a high-rise building, which very much revived a monotonous wall. The author of the picture was Australian Fintan Magee.

Renaissance st. Borichev Tick, 33 / 6A

Authors – Julian Mulland (France) and Alexey Kislov (Ukraine)

The girl in the vyshyvanka (boulevard. Lesi Ukrainki, 36B)

Author – Geo Leros (Ukraine)

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