Kinzelyuk Waterfall From Russia

If you love natural wonders and beautius our world can offer then you will love Russian Kinzelyuk Waterfall (Russian: Кинзелюкский водопад). These waterfalls are one of the tallest ones in Russia, to be more exact third tallest after other two waterfalls named Talnikovy and Zeygalan. Researches did estimate Kinzelyuk is up to 328 meters high (1076 feet). If you ever wanted to visit this beauty it is located in the eastern part of the Russian Kuraginsky District which is in near proximity to Irkutsk Oblast, and what will surprise you this is located in the sparsely populated region of Siberia! Many are used to see Siberia as a coldest place on earth, but as you can see during summer it’s just as green and beautiful! It is one very famous place in Russia that tourists would love to visit more often however they rarley do because due to difficult terrain access to the area and it’s remote location. It would be interesting to add that the entire mountainous region you see here is known as the Eastern Sayan Mountains. For the adventurous tourists here are the coordinates: 54.159167°N 95.833889°E!

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