Korab – A fairy-tale written on the slopes of the Macedonian mountain

This mountain represents the power and grandiosity of Macedonian nature

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The power and grandiosity of nature are the most beautiful when pieced together. Macedonia is one of the countries that can be proud of its rich scenery and views that steal your breath. Macedonia, as a mountain-valley country can boast not only with the number of mountains, but also with the impressive and unique mountain scenery. One of the mountains that you should visit if you ever have the opportunity, is Mount Korab and its eponymous majestic peak. Korab is a combination of peace, adventure, mystery, purity and perfect simplicity.

Korab is the highest mountain in Macedonia. It has 52 peaks that are higher than two thousand meters. Korab Mountain covers a part of the western area of Macedonia and also on the part of the mountain is passing the state border with the neighboring country of Albania.

One of the joys of mountain Korab is that the east is cut off from the southern parts of Shara Mountain by the beautiful river Radika. Korab is surrounded by clean and beautiful rivers, and on the west, its slopes follow the valleys of the river Crn Drim. Apart the height, what differs this mountain from the other Macedonian mountain areas is the eponymous mountain peak Korab with 2.764 meters.

The grandiosity and the exquisiteness of this mountain are reflected in the waters of the glacial lakes. The Macedonian part of Korab has 8 lakes and the largest among them is Lake Korabsko which lies right under the mountain peak. The next lake is Lake Mal Korab (Small Korab). The following smaller lakes are; Bachilski Kamen, Babin Kamen and Sredno Ezero.

If making a gradient of the beauty and the uniqueness of this Macedonian mountain, as a conclusion of its perfection definitely comes the Korab waterfall (also known as Projfelski waterfall).

Projfelski Waterfall is located in the upper reaches of Dlaboka Reka (Deep River), and it springs from Korab Gate, not far from the highest peak of the mountain. The waterfall is 138 meters high and it’s known for the volatility of its waters in summertime. If you want to see the nature’s remarkable piece of work, you should climb Korab in spring or early summer (the waterfall is mostly active in the months of May and June). Deep River enters the waters of the River Ribnica (“riba” in Macedonian means fish), which is rich with the trout fish.

On the slopes of Korab, the pastures are full of flocks of sheep which are mainly important for the quality of their milk; it is known that the sour milk and the cheese from this region are delicious.

As for the nature in general and the slopes of this mountain, it has plenty of rich colors, wildflowers, various kinds of mushrooms (some of them are edible, but certainly, you need a broad knowledge to choose which ones are good), pastures, flocks of sheep and shepherd dogs and gorgeous, beautiful horses.

If you ever decide to climb Korab and visit the place, you can contact some of the Macedonian Mountaineering Associations and organizations.

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