Lada in Moscow reveals new car concepts

Russia, Moscow – We all know of a famous Lada Niva vehicle that everybody always wondered why no new redisgn is created! However it has happened, and not only that, Russian manufacturer plans by the end of 2015, delivering two new models, the limo Vesta and Crossover X Ray.

To be stylish these cars differ significantly from the previous Lada show their concept version that was presented AvtoVAZ Moscow audience. Lada Vesta konceptZa new design Lade credited Steve Matin, who is a Russian manufacturer engaged in 2011, to 2012, but presented his vision of the future Lade on the first concept of the X Ray.
Matin in the period 1987-2005. worked for Mercedes, where, among others, participated in the design of SUVs ML and GL, and the following four years at Volvo where he oversaw work on designing models S60 and V60, and the XC60 concept. Lada X Ray of two new Lada, the concept of Vesta, is a classic small sedan with four doors, while the X Ray Crossover B segment.

Both vehicles have a similar look of the front part with a distinct frame radiator grille and bumper that form a stylized letter “X”. Although it is not too original, the last part of the concept Vesta has a harmonious design. On the other hand, the last group of luminous crossovers represent a new interpretation of the stop lights, Nissan Juke.

AutoVAZ announced that future models will not be much different from the concept version shown and will be placed on a new platform that is labeled “Lado B”. The platform is developed in collaboration with the parent grouping Renault-Nissan, which means it is similar to that used models such as the Nissan Qashqai and Juke, or Dacia Logan.

When it comes to operating units, the Russian manufacturer now has only said that the cars will be equipped with engines producing between 87 hp and 114 hp. Russian media earlier reported that Vesta inherit outdated model prior, and the starting price in the domestic market will be about 400,000 rubles (8,300 euros).

New Lada Niva model

New Lada XRay and Lada Vesta model

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