Large Zayatsky island and the church of St. Andrew

The Church of St. Andrew. Midges.
The challenge is now on the Big Island Zayatsky wooden church in honor of St.. Andrew was erected during the second stint on the Solovetsky Islands, Peter I in 1702, but recent studies show that the famous temple on the Big Island was Zayatsky in its core volumes erected royal archers in 1672-1676 gg. near the monastery, and was originally a chapel, which in 1691 was moved to a new location, and in 1702 with the completion of the small converted into a church dedicated to St.. Andrew.

Place “in the midst of the sea”, which was given the church is remarkable in the history and culture of the Russian North. Back in the II-I millennium BC Zayatsky island was at the crossroads of commercial routes and was the site of the mysterious rites of the Pomeranian tribes Sami and Karelian.

After the founding of the Solovetsky Monastery (the first half of the XV century.) Into the orbit of its activities and entered Zayatsky island that was used for centuries as an important point of maritime communications. Early in the second half of the sixteenth century. at St.. abbot Filippo Kolychev on it were built the first stone buildings – residential ward, the bakery and the boulder to the marina harbor.

St. Andrew’s Church – the only one in Solovki of wooden architecture. It is located on the Big Island Zayatsky which was formerly St. Andrew monastery, mooring stone harbor XVI century.

The essential foundation of the temple is a square-frame chapel in memory of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist, set in the early 1670′s, half a mile from the monastery archers Alexis over the grave of 112 soldiers killed in the fighting from the Solovetsky monks rebelled against the legitimate authority.

In 1691, the monks took frame chapel on the Big Island Zayatsky, on the outskirts of the huge ancient pagan sanctuary.

During his second visit to Solovki in August 1702, Peter arrived at thirteen military courts, as a mighty emperor-admiral. The idea of ​​the device on the island Zayatsky the Church of St.. Andrew, Peter is revered as the patron saint of the Russian Navy, belonged to the king, and prepare for their visit to the Solovetsky Islands and gives his actions nationwide political meaning.

Stay king of the islands has been associated with the preparation for a new round of war with Sweden for access to the Baltic. After a visit to Solovki part of the fleet went through the White Sea in the Pomeranian village Nyukhcha and further specially cut through the land, “the sovereign’s way” (160 miles) – in Povenets on Lake Onega, where moved to the roots of the Neva River, where an unexpected blow was taken by the Swedish fortress Noteburg .After the departure of Peter Zayatsky on the island of the church was consecrated in the name. St.. Andrew.

So she supposedly looked at the time of Peter.

Stone labyrinths with views of the church on a low Signal Hill.

In times of Solovki prison camp (ELEPHANT) on the Big Hare is female solitary confinement.

In 1923, after the close of the Solovetsky Monastery of St. Andrew monastery buildings were transferred to the Office of the Solovetsky camps. During the existence of the camps on the Solovetsky Islands St. Andrew monastery was used as a detention center for prisoners. In 20-30 years. The twentieth century. property of the church was removed or destroyed. After the close of the Solovetsky camps church was used for household storage needs.

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