Largest Bitcoin Farm In Russia Earns Millions Of Dollars Each Month On A Secret Location

“They mine around 600 bitcoins ($1,650,000) each month.”

rebcenter-moscow (CC0), Pixabay

You probably heard of the latest internet craze, the bitcoin, money of our bright future. However many of you have no clue where does bitcoin really come from, lucky for you it is time for some IT learning, in Russian style. This crypto currency can be “mined” and this is done through specialized “farms”. No there are no cattle, piggies and chicken on these farms, only a really lot of GPU cards in massive rooms. These farms earn millions of dollars each month to their owners, however it isn’t that easy to keep expenses and profit in balance if you take the unbalanced nature of Bitcon in this period.

This huge hangar is hosting over 3,000 specially developed GPU cards, made just for mining bitcoin. In other words, all of them together in summary give 38 PH/S hashing power.

Now you probably asked yourself how much does the electricity bill cost for this? Its over 6,500,000 rubles ($120,000) each single month.

You will now understand why each time Bitcoin drops in its value the owner of this “farm” dies a bit inside.

This “farm” is maintained by four engineers who track all the devices and equipment 24/7, they also have specialized software and video surveillance system to keep everything in track, to prevent fires or possible overwork of the cards.

Location of this farm is a top-secret, the owner said he is afraid of the police raids. So in peace and secrecy they manage to mine around 600 bitcoins ($1,650,000) each month.

However take in mind that these 3,000 cards, each costs around $3,000 meaning the investment to start something like this is whooping $9,000,000.

Now add electricity bills to this, and renting of large hangars, employing engineers and getting all the additional equipment you need…yeah you would need a lot of money.

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