Largest Gypsum Mine in Russia and Europe

No this is not a scene from Alien movie series, this is real and it is a Novomoskovskoye gypsum deposit, largest in Europe and one of the largest in the whole world. Skilled photographer, this mine and dark industrial atmosphere can capture your imagination just by looking at these images. The gypsum was opened back in 1929, and in comparison the volume of this mine and the volume of Moscow metro is something company employees will just smile because the magnitude of these underground facilities are just incomparable in size. Now you will have a chance to see where and how a crushed gypsum is produced and delivered to the surface with gigantic Belorussian dump trucks that alone weight over 30 tons with 37 tons of lifting capacity. Story via Christo


The whole process looks like this:
– Drilling face special drilling equipment,
– Loading blast holes with explosives
– Blasting faces,
– Airing after blasting,
– Loading of gypsum in dump trucks and delivery to the complex crushing,
– Crushing,
– Rise to the surface of crushed stone,
– Loading products into railway wagons or service production through complex conveyor galleries.


Each chamber exceeds the European metro stations in two or three times. You just can’t compare the volume of this mining to the any metro in world.


Gypsum is quite strong and it can not produced with the usual excavation equipment. To do this, at the bottom of the well a large hole is drilled and charged with explosives, which are produced directly at the facility.

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And this is how it looks on the outside where loading of the crushed gypsum into trains for delivery is done.


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