Largest Gypsy settlement in Russia was destroyed because of Illegal trade

Little village had a large business in drug traffic and illegal construction

Plekhanovo, Russia – In the village near Tula Plekhanovo, home to Russia’s largest gypsy camp, two months ago the demolition of unauthorized construction begun, in total 121 illegal houses are on the list. Together with workers and equipment over 400 emloyees of the Russian National Guard came to cordon off the area. This was the end to a nearly two-month confrontation between Roma and the authorities of Tula.

Despite the mass Gypsy protests the Russian police didn’t back off and continued with their order to destroy the village. The Roma population tried to use religious artifacts to back off the police but it seems that it didn’t help. See the photos here. h/t: (magesqueen)

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Are there similar shady villages in your country?

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