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Largest WW2 Museum In Minsk Belarus

The Belarusian Great Patriotic War Museum is a pretty massive and cool museum located in Minsk, capital of Belarus. We are lucky as the blogger and photographer deletant brought us some amazing views of this institution, so why don’t you hop in and explore it with us right here! The concept of the museum is commemorations the ww2 with most focus on German vs SSSR war. As far as the museum it first was opened after the liberation of Minsk from the Nazi invading troops, that happened on 25 October 1944, and it was the first ww2 museum that was opened during the ww2. However it was relocated back in 1966 and today it’s hosts over 24 exhibition halls and amazing sum of 142,676 items in museums collection. It’s located behind the Minsk is hero city statue. So see these photos are enjoy, it looks really interesting.

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