Launching Soyuz Missile in Baikonur

The key point of few bloggers route was the Baikonur Cosmodrome. In order to catch the rocket launch, they had to sacrifice a lot, but it was worth it. Seeing in real life a carried out successful launch of a space rocket “Soyuz-U” to transport cargo ship “Progress M-05M”, which is delivered to the ISS, around 2600 kilograms of various cargoes, is one-time life experience. On the way there they also saw tanks of oxygen-nitrogen plant, which was created under the “Energia-Buran” firm and now it’s powers are redundant, so for the production of fuel components factory run only twice a year, during the cooler periods, as in cool weather it expends less energy for liquefaction of air, from which the components of the fuel come. For our bloggers it was their first shot of live take-off missiles and they have absolutely had no idea how to shoot a better photo at night launch. As a result, during takeoff luckly for them there was enough light to shoot with it, but for reassurance they were shooting with a tripod. All zoom shots did were made with 400mm lens. Enjoy the photos thanks to chisto


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