Law of attraction was well known by Leo Tolstoy!

Yes, he would perfectly understand The Secret.

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When a few years ago Rhonda Byrne released her book titled The Secret and a movie with the same title, the world got crazy about manifesting desires, dreams and perfect life. People started to share their success stories online. The number of successful testimonies is impressive. All the people who were lucky to attract desired money, life partner, or anything else stated they succeeded due to the right use of the law of attraction. However, this theory isn’t anything that could surprise philosophers and writers like Aristotle, Plato, Georg Washington or the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy.

The concept of Law of Attraction

Law of attraction is a natural law promoted by the New Age followers, but also related to the quantum physics. According to the descriptions, if you want to manifest something you really want to have in your life, you should follow three steps: 1. Imagine, 2. Be grateful, 3. Let it go. What does it mean? People successful in manifesting their desires pay attention to begin the process with a positive attitude. They imagine, visualize, the object of their desires.It doesn’t matter is it a million dollars, the cup of coffee or a car. Secondly, they increase the feeling of gratitude in their hearts. It is necessary to feel like you already have this what you want. After accomplishing two first steps you have to let your intention go. If you have something, you don’t think how much you wish you could have it, right? Forget about your intention and follow your life. Your desired result is on its way into your life.

Leo Tolstoy and his understanding of the Universe

The nineteenth-century Russian writer analyzed the laws of the Universe and tried to find the solution to the problems of the modern humanity. Leo Tolstoy was aware of the power of the Universe. He was shocked when he summarized the problems he realized about this world.In his work titled Th law of love and the law of violence:
„Men live in a reasonable way and on good terms with each other when they are united by the same conception of life; that is to say, by a religion that satisfies all of them alike and gives them the same rule of conduct. But when it happens that the conception of life, modified by moral and intellectual progress, becomes more precise and exacts a new rule of conduct, while men continue to follow the former one, their lives become unhappy and they no longer live in harmony.”

The ideas related to the positive thinking are as old as this planet. Tolstoy noticed the dark sides of the human nature and wanted to change it, hoped to find the way to improve lives of many people. He created a philosophy trend called now Tolstoism. Although the ideas are dressed up in a different kind of words than the modern teacher of the law of attraction use, the idea is the same.

Tolstoy concluded: “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” After that, he started to follow the writings of ancient philosophers looking for the solution. He realized that if we are more positive, our life is changing. Tolstoy was aware that our attitude reflects on our life. His philosophy of life was peaceful and unusual for his times. He was a vegetarian and spent a lot of time on contemplation. His life wasn’t free of problems, but Tolstoy considered himself as a lucky person. At the same time, he couldn’t understand many choices made by people he knew. Tolstoy died in 1910, at the age of 82 due to pneumonia.

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